Last night NYC welcomed Julian Assange's father, brother and an esteemed panel of long time advocates Roger Waters, Chris Hedges, Randy Credico and Aaron Maté
Flooding rains of Ida hit overnight; much of the region is dealing with power loss & damage, travel is discouraged & transit disrupted.
It was a fantastic day with regulars, notables and long time Assange supporters gathered for songs, speeches and outreach
Hard to blame a guy with a legacy of plagiarism when his memory is failing but shameless misappropriation by his speech writers
We are not a city of landmarks & celebrities we are a tapestry of humanity in all its forms and the heartbeat of NYC they blew off.
Comedy may be dead in corporate venues but gritty truth and political jokes bloomed like an oasis in a dessert of censored content on Sunday.
Messages to pass along and updates from Commander X behind bars..
Robber barons were small fry compared to Capitol Mafia of looters & polluters, money is speech " corp personhood" rights in perpetuity & no humans liab…
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