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Astonishingly, the Democrats are the party of censorship now, even AOC and the so-called progressives:



At least four members of the Squad finally (after years of saying nothing) came out two weeks ago in favor of dropping the charges against Julian.


I wonder what RFK Jr is thinking. Surely he knows that the DNC will cheat him out of the nomination like they did Bernie. I am not prepared to donate to RFK Jr for over a year only to have him pull a Bernie and endorse Biden after he is cheated out of the nomination, and I suspect not a lot of people are. He needs to tell us he is going all the way with or without the Dem Party. I wish both the Green Party and the People's Party would endorse him.

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The Biden administration is now prosecuting people for "sowing discord," i.e. for disagreeing with government policy, such as opposing the Ukraine war:



Is this the end of free speech and free association?


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Thanks Pamela. Well done you!

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