Graham Ellwood Pawned by Suzie Dawson ~ His Credibility Sacrificed for Her Biggest Ego Trip Yet

"Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered." Old Wall Street adage

Giddy with the asymmetric advantage of friends in high visibility places and my only platform at Twitter suspended, Suzie Dawson replied to my research document with a whole new level of fiction. Dawson’s tale of her Panquake attack in the show with Graham Ellwood was full blown fantasy topped off with an anonymous tweet from a random dip stick Suzie cited as related evidence worth passing along to Jimmy Dore.

An enemy is a fabulous fund raising tool and my pdf has been exploited to the max. Clearly Graham wasn’t even given the sparsely factual items in Dawson’s reply thread where she identifies “supposed activists“ involved, then finally adds my name buried deep in a sea of adjectives befitting a Dickens villain as if ad hominems add value.

There is no plot, no conspiracy, no private intelligence, no Deep State actors just one pdf research document by me that includes my name and a short biography. Suzie recognized my name the instant she saw it, she has known me for a decade in activist roles tied to Anonymous and support for WikiLeaks, whistleblowers and hactivists.

My research is exhaustive, my fact checking obsessive and my muckraking a long suit. I will give a thumbnail of my background then tackle Dawson’s record and claims. To anyone who was afraid to open the pdf, good for you. Never trust unknown links or documents, though this is malware free. A copy at Internet Archive is linked below.

Years before Dawson ever used the word activist my research skill and effectiveness were well recognized challenging Monsanto and safety claims for gmo food. It was my identification of the substantial equivalent loophole and FDA notification with other key documents in my 2007 documentary film Roundup Ready Nation that put me on Obama’s radar as a force to recon with in food politics. No group leveraged global networks like Occupy Food who continued with Millions Against Monsanto for years.

Disappearing evidence was the problem that moved me to join Anonymous when they launched the attacks on PayPal in retaliation for WikiLeaks donation blockade. Backup at Internet archive was a finger in the dike and Anonymous had the skills to scrape and mirror entire websites. Obama’s FDA pulled the page I had in my pinned tweet from its introduction as a Twitter feature. It’s saved at Wayback in link above. My research links focused on Gates’ networks and NIH funded, CRISPR gain of function experiments is the reason my Twitter account was suspended in Dec 2020.

What about the evidence of the Putin-jacket smear plotters?

It is insulting, sexist and hypocritical for Dawson to suggest that I am not capable of achieving results without a man behind me organizing a campaign. She should know better. More egregious is calling an anonymous gossip sharing a screenshot a “brave whistleblower.” Real whistleblowers take great personal risk sacrificing relationships, careers and quite possibly their freedom to share information in the public interest. The pdf was dropped where Suzie could get a copy one week after sharing privately. I would never distract from Julian’s anniversary events, nobody had it before that date. There is no they, no colluding, just me giving Dawson’s targets a few preview days.

This is not a conversation it is selectively edited from a large group chat that has no indication why or to whom Lorraine replied with her Putin-Jacket comment. What’s more important is Chris Hedges’ name redacted. Folks can ask Suzie whether she thinks he is too lazy or lacks her skill to identify bogus information sent to him. Her frequently cited “simple search” would have flagged the Youtube video in a top result so when she told Chris Hedges it had been removed it was true. It’s still active.

To connect me in any way with @raincoaster Lorraine Murphy and crazy Russiagate ideas has no basis in reality. Not one bit. I interacted with Lorraine once in 2015 as spokesman for Loraxlive host Adam Bennett in the US case along with Laurie Love. The FBI charged a pentest Adam did as a cancer charity volunteer for a spiteful pound of flesh for their efforts. I made Lorraine pull her hen house gossip “scoop” of swill. Violet Blue, who verifies facts got it all correct in the article linked below.

Fashionable favorite before the Putin-jacket was the popular snitch-jacket

Lorraine Murphy @raincoaster, the source of the Putin jacket quote, and Kitty Hundel of Panquake have been tight as ticks for years. The “conspiracy plotters” screenshot is cropped to fit a story. We can’t see who Lorraine replied to or have any context for the conversation. For all we know Suzie could have prompted the Putin jacket reply. Putin-jacket is an insipid new spin on idiotic old term and favorite of the brood always clucking about people “snitch-jacketing“ them. Kitty and Lorraine were Anonymous groupies writing about hacktivists and using Ray Johansen as both an interface to folks who know something worthwhile and skilled technical support. Suzie too.

They believe the highest level of NatSec is focused on their mediocre blog posts and perpetual victim status is popular, ongoing theme. Chief among them is Suzie, beyond nowhere down under, in the land of 30 million sheep who includes snitch-jacketing in “Person of Interest“ evidence. It links to a typewriter era document about under cover policing. It’s a rare piece of “evidence“ that isn’t one of her tweets; folks should look.

Every tweet below is from Person of Interest evidence collection. She accused me of misrepresenting her evidence as “all tweets” I stand corrected, it’s primarily tweets.

My first Boss set the bar for speaking truth to power.

Hon. Otis G. Pike was the fiercer counterpart to The Church Committee. The Senate released The Church Reports while The Pike Committee’s findings, beyond those leaked to the Village Voice, are still largely classified. Otis Pike was the man who got Kissinger to destroy plausible deniability for Nixon during Watergate. His brilliant staff taught me to research and gave me freedom to find my own way. I learned what Congress knew about Monsanto’s PCB pollution of the Hudson River and the human health effects Harvard School of Public Health helped coverup since 1934.

As an inspirational role model Pike shared many life lessons and insights. Never stop questioning, even your own views and check to see your beliefs can be verified as fact. Don’t confuse opinion with evidence and don’t give anyone standing above an equal.

Let’s ask some basic questions. Tell me a story I can believe.

How does a single mom with two small kids, no activism, organizing or journalism experience, show up at Occupy Auckland over 1,300 sea miles from the nearest FBI foreign office, yet get targeted like no other person in history before or since? Occupy arrived for Suzie in the Peoria of the Pacific six weeks after NYC OWS began, one month after NYPD arrested 800 on the Brooklyn Bridge. Why would intel flag Suzie?

Every target I know shares some identical experiences. An FBI SWAT team breaks down the door, trashes the house, seizes every electronic device, issues a warrant filled with charges (possibly bogus allegations) then crushes them with a process of fighting bankrupting lawfare costs and tortuous mental anguish of a possible lifetime in jail.

Only in Dawson’s accounts do FBI deploy teams 24/7 to follow on foot, leave news articles on tables, destroy keepsakes, drill holes in the roof, kill pets, slash tires or any of the psycho stalker behaviors Suzi describes. US persecution never lets a target be free from legal action, the process is their best weapon. Suzi’s incidents are like 1940’s spy or gangster movie divorced from modern reality with digital surveillance. Why would Suzie be tracked years before and after Glenn Greenwald? Glenn’s targeting was his partner detained at an airport with authorities looking for Snowden documents.

That’s not all folks. Not only are we to believe Suzie Dawson had FiveEyes teams following her 24/7 from the moment she set foot at Occupy, in addition to every text, call, GPS location and computer keystroke NSA sucks up; we are supposed to believe the NYC field office for FBI cyber-crimes used the window between Hammond’s trial and sentencing to deploy Sabu as an imposter to seduce Dawson. This is a third FBI division, entirely apart from White Collar Division in Dotcom raid. Dotcom was taking billions in Hollywood revenue, what value was Suzie from Occupy Auckland to FBI?

By her own account, after a grueling 15 months of Occupy Nowhere activism she took months off to play World of Warcraft 12 hours a day. What parent has that time? She claims FBI got Blizzard Entertainment to provide her chat history, which is a judicial process accomplished the moment she returned to her gaming, so the most notorious hacker on the planet, who made global headlines a year earlier, could impersonate her old friend and get insights into her possible reporting with online masturbation sessions. Can a story this absurd actually pass for reality? March 2012 Sabu headlines.

As if targeting by FBI overseas operations and NYC cyber-crimes weren’t enough there’s also the accusations Dawson made against Penny Bright the founder of Occupy Auckland with 33 protest arrests in her activism career. Penny Bright was the named plaintiff who prevailed in the law suit against illegal eviction of the Occupy Auckland encampment. Penny accused Suzie of stealing the account domains Dawson now cites as evidence of her Occupy media role, itself an insignificant post. Missing history is why spoon fed current ranked results don’t tell the whole story or qualify as research.

Suzie made a whole website to detail the attacks against her by Penny Bright. Ask Suzie if Person of Interest targeting incidents include Penny Bright attacks or not.

Panquake is not under attack Suzie Dawson’s claims are under scrutiny and the bigger question is whether she is helping Julian Assange or using him

Five of 168 page pdf relate to Panquake. Suzie pitched it as novel Blockchain solution and Julian Assange’s dream while Julian languishes in Belmarsh dreaming of freedom. Additional 163 pages feature Suzie Dawson’s body of work prior to fleeing New Zealand and what she calls “evidence of targeting” supplied in her Person of Interest series along with video transcripts and links to her writing and tweets. aka research

If Dawson read Julian’s 2014 book “When Google Met WikiLeaks” she’d find far more Blockchain filterverse solutions than his few tweets. Who really believes the global cypherpunks, cryptogeeks, infosec boffins and Aaron Swartz collaborators, folks who told me to buy Bitcoin at $11 bucks, were all waiting for 2020 when Suzie Dawson could find Julian’s old tweets, identify, study and solve the problem in a few weeks? How many ideas go from concept to full blown funding campaign in 90 days? How does branding the campaign as Assange supporters do anything to help free Julian?

Some early Blockchain developers and early Bitcoin adopters I know had a Beta model over two years ago. Other models exist like Youtube alternative Odyssey but I work with a short list of uber-cyber angels I know and trust. Over a million bucks and 40,000+ hours of coding is invested now. Somee posts to Blockchain, users earn crypto-currency and it’s free to use. Suzie knows some SoMee founders and users like Kimber Maddox, creator of Somee Free Assange group. Here again her “simple search” works.

Many people can come up with similar ideas at the same time but only a minority can be master politicians or run a great Ponzi scheme. Both take identical skills. It takes showmanship and hubris, but most important of all is to deliver bald-faced lies with genuine sincerity and be savagely accusatory if the narrative is challenged. Let’s take a look at what Dawson calls debunking my “audacious lies” to give readers Suzie’s side.

By whom is it malevolence or incompetence?

Changing my words is not debunking a lie it is lying. Here’s the pdf nanny quote.

In my world facts straight from the source are verified, especially when the same facts are provided on multiple occasions. Is she lying now or did she lie then saying she sold everything and moved to Berlin? Don’t blame my research or accuse me of lying. Liars are cowards and I’m pretty fearless, nothing but acute bleeding really scares me much.

When Suzie writes “checked out of our luxury apartment after six weeks” or “finally mentioned to hotel staff“ what research interprets it as Suzie’s new claim that she stayed with her friends? Wouldn’t you ask a friend if you had no hot water?

With activists like Suzie Dawson who needs enemies?

Twenty days before the two year anniversary of Julian’s arrest Suzie was interviewed by Jimmy Dore in a show pitched as a project launched by Assange defenders. It’s unclear why her project is branded as a campaign by Julian’s defenders when freeing Julian is all his true supporters are concerned with. Not once does Dawson mention the two year anniversary or suggest any accounts to follow. Suzie ignores all the grassroots events planned and Stella’s ongoing fund raiser for Julian’s defense team.

Instead Dawson has her introduction identify her a whistleblower which is not true. Then she uses her hackneyed Internet Party role ignoring the fact it’s been dead longer than it was viable; once Suzie was President the Internet Party was deregistered for failure to secure 500 members. Ask Suzie if it was incompetence, malevolence or indifference and how many times she’s cited it to her credit since the 2018 collapse.

Suzie shaves one whole year off the time Julian spent in the Embassy cutting it from seven years to six. What’s one extra year of suffering for Julian when Suzie can note she suffers almost as greatly and counts his mum Christine as her friend. What’s better than drawing Julian’s core supporters into a years long effort to invest their time and money in Suzie’s project and totally removed from grassroots #FreeJulian campaigns?

To make up for the slight Dawson attacks @SlowNewsDay for thanking Ray Johansen and me, the “malicious pseudo-activists” for our role managing a week long billboard campaign for Julian in Washington D.C. What matters more, a FreeAssange message bypassing MSM censorship reaching 500,000+ Cherry Blossom visitors plus D.C. media, Federal workers and lawmakers trolled daily as they lunched outside or how Suzie feels about the folks doing the work? Obviously Suzie’s feelings matter more.

Please don’t think this is a unique or isolated example, Suzie casts a very wide net.

Jesselyn Radack is director of National Security & Human Rights at the Government Accountability Project, the nation's leading whistleblower organization and head of the Whistleblower and Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) at ExposeFacts . Her clients include many prosecuted under the Espionage Act like Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou and Daniel Hale now jailed, awaiting sentencing for exposing the truth about the CIA drones in the documentary film National Bird.

While Jesselyn uses her standing to support whistleblowers who aren’t even clients, Suzie doesn’t hesitate to use Radack’s reputation to inflate her own public image and shamelessly smear Jesselyn at the same time. That really takes some unmitigated gall.

We’ve seen from the amazing @SomersetBean the power of graphic art to powerfully convey messages in the fewest words, especially those defending Julian Assange.

How does Suzie use graphic power? In her three part series “Freeing Julian Assange“ she features the most damaging graphic possible to frame WikiLeaks and Julian’s history. No woman ever accused Julian of rape or even inappropriate sexual behavior. The other two men were both involved in very messy public conflicts damaging everyone involved and creating huge rifts in the WikiLeaks community. What message does the graphic have? Who benefits from this? It sure as heck isn’t Julian Assange.

Beyond mug shot images it’s profoundly ignorant to cast Trevor Fitzgibbon as a Pillar of WikiLeaks for his Manning PR like running Chelsea’s Twitter. By itself Dawson’s act of erasing Mike Ratner from WikiLeaks history is a gross distortion and epic injustice. She deleted one of the greatest Civil Rights champions in a generation.

Chris Hedges’ Jan 2021 article reflects on Michael Ratner’s memoir and touches on his prescience and advocacy begun the moment Sweden requested an STD test for Julian. Listen to Mike Ratner in one of the many interviews he did with Loraxlive defending Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning and Rule of Law. This is what Suzie dubs “the lowest form of humanity“ were doing while Dawson was busy playing WoW for 12 hours a day masturbating on camera with her Sabu look alike paramour.

Contrast the rapist branding for Julian with Suzie’s graphics for her. She missed the irony of a brave journalist poster when she can’t even say my name in her accusation. Lawyer statements for clients isn’t evidence. The affidavits are basic letters of support all done at Suzie’s request. I don’t confuse opinion with evidence or take PR as fact.

My preference is to look at the “fearless journalism” and let the work speak for itself. Something titled “Being Julian Assange“ sounds like a good opportunity to challenge toxic power and portray the plight of Julian with fierce adversarial journalism. Suzie includes details of her months of research and weeks of writing. Who does she skewer?

Dawson attacks a wide array of journalists, activists and WikiLeaks sources including but not limited to Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning, Freedom of the Press, EFF, John Parry Barlow, Laura Poitras, Sibel Edmonds, Whitney Webb, Randy Credico, Barrett Brown, Shari Steele and Quinn Norton in a conspiracy around Aaron Swartz.

Because Biella Coleman and Margaret Kunsler have more clout with Dawson’s audience she danced around the lie she manufactured and attributed to Jeremy Hammond, then finally did a retraction at one of her seldomly used sites.

Suzie blew off Whitney Webb’s Fact Check to reply with a snarky tweet that Whitney says nothing Suzie doesn’t know. She adds a favorite lie she calls “full disclosure“ about years of writing for Mint Press when the MPN blog Suzie uses has a bold disclaimer it’s “author opinion NOT to be attributed to Mint Press News”. Then she blocked Whitney on Twitter and dismissed the smear victims as petty side issues.

In Being Julian Assange Dawson uses 38 of her own tweets to remind us how grave her peril is punching down. She likens herself to fearless journalists exposing toxic power. When months of Dawson’s research targets groups supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, folks doing adversarial journalism or taking legal action against the US Gov, why would the Deep State do any less than celebrate her efforts to defame and disrupt?

To what end they are all smeared is unclear and what she cites as missing pages for Manning are just redirected migration from Bradley to Chelsea URLs all in my pdf.

In a rich irony she cites the success of the #FreeManning hashtags when Suzie alone destroyed the momentum gained from years using #FreeAssange to use her #Unity4J and #JA4me hashtags instead. Why? She obviously knew the impact since she’s into tracking metrics and seven years of #FreeJulian hashtags is an enormous number.

Branding is so valuable corporations keep Goodwill value on their books as an asset. What’s more devastating to an online campaign than undermining the hashtag brand? Destroying the hashtag message and unity it fosters can only be topped by taking out the people in the background who do the thankless work of coalition building and scaring the pants off potential activists with fabricated Hitchcock scenarios.

If you believe that teams were deployed to the land of 30 million sheep to follow Suzie Dawson for years of 24/7 stalker activity, making her the most unique target in human history, yet never stopped at an airport or served with legal papers, then thank your lucky stars breathing is reflexive. Nothing I say can help you, bless your naive heart.

Disagreement does not require savage, vicious personal attacks. The ability to debate ideas and limit joint efforts to areas of shared value are what thinking adults should do. It’s why folks are at their best in times of crisis, fleeing disaster makes unity an immediate shared goal and differences in belief systems don’t cross anyone’s mind. When the goal becomes destroying the person, as it has long been with Julian Assange it speaks to a deeper level of moral depravity and its agents should be stopped.

In my two decades with campaigns against Monsanto and one decade with WikiLeaks, whistleblower and hactivist support I have forged many close ties and seen countless trolls, shills, saboteurs and sh*theads in action. Never has anyone come close to the persistent aggression or vitriol of Suzie Dawson, especially directed at Ray Johansen.

You need to be as dumb as a box of rocks to believe such a conversation could be had by any two adults, but like all Dawson’s tall tales the fraud is in the details. Ray has been a friend to me since joining FreeAnons Board when Jeremy Hammond was arrested. Ray has vast tech skills and was among those urging me to buy Bitcoin at $11. Ray always knows what experts are needed for actions and operations and how to find them. He’s well known to be generous with his time and patient with the clueless.

Here’s one of hundreds of examples of both Kitty and Lorraine using Ray’s insight into Anonymous in their attempt to understand the film Hacker Wars. Suzie may not have written anything to support Jeremy during his pretrial detention, his trial, his extra year in Virginia with Manning when both were held in contempt for refusing to testify to the WikiLeaks Grand Jury, but Suzie knows the film and follows Lorraine and Kitty. There’s no way in the world Suzie’s first encountered Ray when she got to Moscow.

“Hacker Wars“ by Vivien Weissman was possible only with tireless efforts of Sue Crabtree, President of FreeAnons from Jeremy Hammond’s arrest through 2017 and others who supported her research and outreach including Ray Johansen. When we weren’t sure how to find someone for a statement or a sophisticated piece of coding Ray was one of the people to ask and voila, the perfect match would be made.

Among those perfect matches Ray Johansen made, years after Suzie’s nonsense claim of walking kids across the Arctic Circle, was in 2017 when Dawson was Internet Party President for the year before she turned that to dust. Ray is active in the politically viable Pirate Party and Suzie reached out to Ray to find speakers for her #AntiSpyBill event. Among many guests Ray booked for Suzie was John Kiriakou who Dawson then tapped for a general letter of support for her exile dossier. Given John’s deep respect for and gratitude to Jesselyn Radack as his whistleblower attorney it’s hard for me to imagine he’d do it again now given Suzie’s viscous trolling and smearing of Jesselyn.

Like a duck gliding across the water nothing happens without constant effort in the background. Sue Crabtree mortgaged her house for Jeremy’s bail, organized press events and went into her own pocket, working as an ER nurse, to make sure Jeremy’s twin, his mom and supporters got to NYC for court hearings and had hotel rooms to crash in. Sue Crabtree got Jeremy’s story on the cover of Rolling Stone and she put the same love and effort into two dozen other cases. Ray was a connection to FreeAnons for scared hacktivists slapped with charges, for research archives or forensic defense experts. FreeAnons predated Courage Foundation and we helped everyone who asked.

Suzie Dawson wants live blogging hashtags from her couch to be revered as fearless journalism or activism when folks who are in the arena fighting mightily are maligned or forgotten in her endless quest to portray herself as someone of consequence. In all the drivel from her reply there is one thing that rings true, though I’m unsure about the ego one needs to speak in terms of their own significance to bettering humankind.

While Suzie Dawson is building her legacy many others among us will continue to see freeing Julian Assange as the most urgent cause and most important use of our talents. You can become a patron to Free Julian Assange and support the defense team here.

Comments are left open please be brief and polite. Regardless of your beliefs there is never a good excuse for bad behavior including gratuitous nastiness. What people choose to say reflects who they are so try to make yourself look civil. Thanks!

Pamela Drew :~)